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A rockstar lineup of visionaries, teachers, philanthroprenuers, and remarkable business leaders.

Shivanter Singh

Conscious Strategies

Shivanter Singh is a 3HO certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, a certified Interdisciplinary yoga teacher, and Integrative Nutrition health counselor. Specializing in health and wellness, he holds degrees in transpersonal psychology, education and culinary arts.   With over 3 decades of experience, Shivanter is an energetic advocate for thriving health and abundant living. Shivanter has been an advocate for juicing, working with Joe Cross for the past 2 years, he bring health and wellness to a new level in his work with personal and group cleansing-healthy lifestyle practice, how to strive and thrive is the mantra of what his work focuses on, part of the Omega faculty, Blue Spirit Faculty, has taught programs internationally from the Bahamas, Germany, Thailand and over the entire United States. Shivanter is also the Founder/Creative Director of Conscious-Strategies.com, an organization focusing on how to take spiritual practices from the mountain to the market place, currently he rides at Ski Hearth Farms, Sugar Hill, NH. Focusing on creating a Added Value product line for the farm, he also is the producer of “The Social Visionaries Conference”…BeThe.Vision, at the Omega Institute, focusing on coming together as a community to make global change.

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Golden Bridge Yoga

Gurmukh is the co-founder of Golden Bridge Yoga, the premier center for the study and practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  For more than four decades students in Los Angeles and around the world have sought out her classes in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga.

Since being baptized more than 40 years ago with the spiritual name that means, “One who helps thousands across the world ocean,” Gurmukh has dedicated her life to fulfilling her namesake.  As two of the world`s leading Kundalini Yoga teachers, she and her husband Gurushabd travel worldwide, bringing this vast Technology and Teachers’ Training Programs to students globally in the U.S.A., Mexico, Europe, Russia, India, and South Africa.  She is the creator and pioneer of The Khalsa Way Prenatal Teachers’ Training Immersion.  Gurmukh`s book, The Eight Human Talents, has been a long-time yoga best-seller along with her many DVDs.

Gurmukh founded Seva Corp., a nonprofit organization that supports schools and orphanages in India.  Her Spiritual Teacher Yogi Bhajan taught, “We have come to create teachers, not to have students.”  She has dedicated her life to the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

You can meet her at one of our Golden Bridge Yoga Studios or teaching somewhere around the world!  Please visit Gurmukh on the Road to follow Gurmukh`s teaching schedule:  http://www.goldenbridgeyoga.com/gurmukh_on_road.php.

Robert Bengtson

Inspiration Campaign

Robert is a fine-art commercial photographer, installation artist, and the founder of Inspiration Campaign.
In 2008 Robert began producing art to invite participation, self-reflection, and support people on their journeys of self-discovery. Following a series of four interactive art installations, in 2012 he started Inspiration Campaign as a social vision to make the world more beautiful. Bringing individuals together, nothing-for-sale advertising is now being created in the SF Bay Area as meaningful moments to inspire the human spirit. People-power… to empower people!

Click here to learn more about Inspiration Campaign.
To learn more about Robert / see his art, visit him on his website.

Keeva Kase

Inspiration literally means to breathe in. We are constantly and unconsciously drawing in that which sustains – whether oxygen or spirit. So, what do we mean when we speak of “being inspired,” and when we are inspired, what end does it serve? In the same way that we draw our attention to the breath, we must keenly focus on the external influences we take in. Encouragement, fear, urgency, aspiration, and role models all serve as motivating factors to act. Are we conscious of why these and other influences drive us and are we confident in the direction we allow them to take us?

Following up on his keynote at the inaugural Social Visionaries Conference, Keeva Kase returns to Omega to discuss inspiration – what it is and what it is good for. Building on two decades in ministry and social justice work, Keeva also brings with him practical and applicable expertise for conference goers, including management, fundraising, public relations, community organizing, and strategy.

Keeva is the Director External Relations for the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression. Most recently, he was the Executive Director of Bull City Forward, a nonprofit dedicated to the creation and scale of innovations for the greater good in Durham, NC. Prior, he served for nearly a decade in multiple roles with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of New Jersey. Kase holds a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and has held a variety of ministerial positions and continues to serve congregations and communities. He has served on various government and nonprofit boards, committees, and taskforces concerning child welfare, interfaith social action, public arts, and civic engagement. Kase is on the Board of Essay Assay, an education technology company, and is a curriculum design specialist at Odell Education. He lives with his wife and children in Charlottesville.

Laura Louise Persichetti

Good Deed Project

Laura Louise Persichetti, founder and filmmaker of the Good Deeds Project, is the author of Amazon’s best selling book on suicide prevention, Discover You Discovering the World: Confessions of a Traveling Monkette. She has traveled the world, from North America, South America, and Africa to Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Laura Louise Persichetti has worked with people of all ages in many cultures to understand happiness, peace, passion, and love. She is a leader in many businesses and projects focused on empowerment, education, evolution, and peace.

Preston Smiles

The Bridge Method and The Love Mob

As an emerging Next Generation Thought Leader, recently winning the Millennial Mentor Award by Elixir Magazine, and with his forthcoming book LOVE LOUDER being published by Simon and Schuster, Preston Smiles is a breath of fresh air in the personal development world. Generating millions of views with his message of love and unity, Preston Smiles is making a huge impact with his loyal social media tribe, and unique gift to make the complex simple.

His arsenal of love includes being the co-founder of The Bridge Method and The Love Mob, a contributor to The Huffington Post, and many other top blogs. Along with being featured in many top magazines and podcasts like Origin magazine, The School of Greatness, and Addicted to Success, he’s also one of the youngest members of A.T.L (Association of Transformational Leaders) which was founded by Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for the Soul.


Stacy Seebart

Esperanza School Project

Stacy (Karuna) Seebart, E-RYT 200/500, RPYT, is director of Blooma’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and public relations director for the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica. She has trained hundreds of yoga teachers all over the world—including in Norway, Canada, Japan, Kuwait, and Costa Rica, in addition to teaching in the United States.

Stacy Seebart is part of a group of project managers working for the Esperanza School Project in Costa Rica. She shares information and experiences related to the school project, community building, fundraising, and the next phases for this work.

Julian DeVoe

Julian DeVoe is an advocate for personal empowerment, bliss, and thriving health. Through the practices of yoga, personal inquiry, and conscious touch, he encourages self-development and community elevation. With more than a decade of yoga practice in a variety of disciplines, he teaches an interdisciplinary approach that is tailored to the participants. DeVoe offers strengthening, yin, alignment, breathing techniques, and kids yoga with a sense of playfulness for all skill levels.

He teaches internationally, specializing in a variety of purification practices for the body, mindfulness techniques to sharpen self-awareness, and spiritual ascension. He has been working as a craniosacral therapy facilitator, Vedic Thai Yoga therapist, and energetic healer for more than five years.

Julian DeVoe is an evolutionary at heart and is an unwavering advocate for anyone on the path of personal growth and human achievement.


Alexi Panos

E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change)

Alexi is on a mission to make personal development mainstream by synthesizing big ideas into fun, bite sized nuggets of goodness that spread throughout the world and create a ripple effect of positivity and love. Through speaking + facilitating workshops around the globe, dishing insights from her personal quest for truth in her books + blogs, inspiring viewers as host of History Channel’s OPERATION BUILD and knocking people’s socks off with her energetic YouTube Series.

She is the cofounder of The Bridge Method (online) and The Bridge Experience (live workshops), which is a fully immersive and high octane human potential training that yields incredible results. She also facilitates global leadership training programs around the world through her non-profit E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change) that gives people the tools they need to implement global giveback initiatives to communities in need. Alexi is insanely committed to empowering ONE BILLION people to harness their unique gifts in order to create a Compound Inspiration Effect that truly changes our world. She shoots straight from the heart and take no prisoners…because your life is too important to not be lived fully.

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