Esperanza School: Finding Inspiration In the Midst of Dire Need.

The day I went to visit the Esperanza School will be a memory I will have forever. Driving down the dusty road just about ten minutes from where I work I could see as we pulled up that this was going to be hard. My friend Doris and I were going to a board meeting that day to tell them about the fundraiser we wanted to put on at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort to help support their needs.

Social Visionaries Conference: A Vision Coming Into Manifestation

The idea behind the conference is to create community, to come together as a collective and raise the conscious energy on all levels, the conference is not only a space to gather, but also to have the experience of change. To have the opportunity to step in as a group to be a game changer, to understand truly what it means to be a global citizen, to really reap the benefits of what it is to be of service.

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