I met Daniel when he first started his operation back in 2009. I was involved in Golden Bridge Yoga at the time in NYC. One day this super hyped dude shows up at the front door of the studio with all these orange drinks, having no idea who this guy was, but yet fascinated by his passion and energy, Daniel entered my world. We began selling Turmeric Alive and with that Gurmukh and I fell in love with the drink and also with Daniel: it was an amazing union amongst all of us, not to mention that turmeric was one of the healing spices that Yogi Bhajan spoke about regularly in his teachings.

My relationship with this man has grown tremendously over the years, is he not only and inspiration as a global game changer but I am also proud to have him as a friend. His graciousness and constant giving makes me so full of gratitude to have Daniel as part of my tribe.


When Daniel Sullivan took a working vacation to farm in Maui in 2008, he didn’t expect to come back with a new business

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa with Tumeric
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Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa with Tumeric

idea. But while farming turmeric, an ancient spice typically used in South Asian cooking, he got the idea to concoct herbal drinks back home in New York.

Sullivan started selling his drinks in 2009 to yoga studios and health food stores and has since expanded to dozens of Whole Foods stores. In addition to turmeric, the beverages contain other spices like cayenne pepper, cardamom and ginger. “People are becoming more sensitive to what makes them feel good; herbs are a huge part of that,” says the 35-year-old entrepreneur.

The company is selling 14,500 bottles a week, compared to only 4,000 a week a year ago. So, production has been one of the biggest challenges. As a start-up business, TumericAlive finds it difficult to purchase supplies upfront, while waiting to get paid by retailers. “There is so much overhead and you need to purchase in volume on the front end,” Sullivan says. “It’s a challenge to manage the expenditure.” But he says he has been getting by through negotiating prices and sustainable payment terms and learning to balance the product flow.

Sullivan says the most rewarding part of his success is creating a product he and his 20 employees believe in: “We all drink it everyday, it’s our fuel.

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