Monday morning, the new week is being cracked open, life is presenting itself on this gorgeous open palette, and I am excited for the day. This past week end was the 4th of July, a national holiday, a celebration of independence, honoring all the work this country has done to create and insure freedom, really!!!!

I have not been watching the news for quite a while, I found most of it very negative and not really supportive of how I choose to live these days. Unfortunately, I have given in a bit over the past several days: I needed to really understand what the hell was going on; especially with the new gay marriage decisions by the supreme court and also the crazy church burnings in the South. It’s really mind boggling. I love that the strides are being made for equality, but at the same time I watch and listen to the after-burn of the court decisions: there are some very angry people out there who are not in support of some of the decisions being made.

It’s really painful to watch and listen to so much hatred, which I personally feel comes directly from fear: fear of not understanding, fear of realizations of ones own life, fear of eternal damnation. The point is that just because the laws have been changed – that doesn’t necessarily bring about actual¬†change in the hearts of many humans we share our towns, country and planet with. Change happens individually and personally, changing the laws is like a band aid to the larger problems – the problems of lack of kindness, compassion and forgiveness.

We as a culture seems to have forgotten (or maybe never knew) how to forgive. From my perspective, forgiveness is the only way out. Forgiveness is a process: when I take even some positive action towards healing I begin to forgive, not only others but myself. Giving is the core of forgiveness: letting go so that I can give and receive is the deal. The Bethe.Vision Conference is about forgiveness and about action: taking action in our own life so that we can forgive with grace, dignity  and give back; to share what we have been blessed with and provide the platform for change. We want to provide for a change which is empowering and uplifting Рnot a band aid but a real solution to the larger problems of self-worth, self-love, self-loathing and selfishness. I am so excited to be stepping into the trajectory of the new, the passion for change, global change, making a difference while making a living, coming from the mountain to the market.

Join me and the tribe that is being created around this work, all love, SHIVANTER SINGH

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