What does it mean to give a shit, what does it mean to know that a difference needs to be made and yes how the fuck do we do that? We have been emerged in lots of soul searching over the past decade or two, what has it gotten us? A better understanding or misunderstanding of what yoga is, how to bring meditation into the work space and be cool, to dress in all the right drag, so that we look like we give a shit.

We shop at the right places so that everyone thinks we care, but do we really care or do we just want to be cool? Do we want to be a part of something, something that we want to believe matters?

We certainly have the resources to pretend we give a shit; the world has made giving a shit a cool thing. We have huge grocery stores that tell us by shopping at there stores we “give a shit.” We have clothing lines that make things out of recycled materials, that then represent that we give a shit.

Let’s get over our selves folks, its time to get out in the world and put the petal to the metal and start helping people while we help ourselves, lets get this tribe moving and shaking, lets move beyond global ignorance. Let’s step into living our lives creatively and fully. Lets give a shit about each other, especially those who are less fortunate. Roll out of you IKEA bed and jump to the beat of world change, you have the power. It doesn’t matter where you shop or what you wear, what matters is that you matter, and if you want to feel good about you, do something for someone else, its that simple. What’s even better is to make a living making a difference, love your self, love your life and rock on.

It’s never too late or too soon to step into the game.

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