It’s easy to get excited about helping others. Seeing immediate results we get the relief of feeling accomplishment. We get to see results. This happened very quickly when I was in Nosara, Costa Rica last March. We (the community of Nosara and beyond) were able to raise about $17,000 in a very short span of time for the Esperanza School Project. A project that started out of a true heart opening- by witnessing the state in which this school has been left. Left after earthquake damage, left after a major robbery. It fueled me. It made everything seem possible. It was so obvious that this change was going to happen- and the community around me was all in.

The reality of a project like this- is that it take perseverance and a willingness to not give up. Time and time again I’ve been asked by others- can we really do this? Can we really undertake such a big idea? How will our goal ever be reached? Frustrations and road blocks along the way actually fuel me further.

I have a huge sense of passion to keep this movement going- to be a part of the team effort in seeing it all through and to welcome all who are willing to help to join me on this necessary and important work. The Social Visionaries Conference at the Omega Institute is our next opportunity to make a significant reach to our global community, to spread the word about this work, to raise more money to fund this project, and to get one step closer to the kids in Esperanza seeing a magnificent positive change in their lives. It’s a simple determination to provide them with the opportunity to be educated in a safe school- where all children can attend a full school day because there is enough room, where the water is clean and they have space to play outdoors with out getting blasted by dust of oncoming traffic.

The time is now- please register for this important weekend. You will be inspired, you will make a difference. You will help the children of the Esperanza School Project. Let’s do this! It is all possible.
With great love, Stacy Seebart

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