Leaders who are both vulnerable and visionary earn the trust and confidence of their teams.

“Well it’s counterintuitive but it’s also proven to be accurate: vulnerability is power and I believe in this power. I believe being vulnerable gives a welcome mat to work with people, but I also think just being vulnerable alone and not having anything to mix with it, speaking of equations, is not necessarily the prescription for success because if you’re just vulnerable all the time you’ll be in a constant state of turmoil.” – Chip Conley,  Forbes Magazine.

I love this man (Chip Conley) and the way he thinks and works, he has truly created a way of being in the world, making a living and making a difference.

The role of leader and being vulnerable is such an great notion, totally different from what most of us have been exposed to: that the leader is the ruler, that person usually guides with an agenda that is driving by self-will and self-indulgence. To be able to be vulnerable, to be humble to be able to come from the place of openness (and yet still hold the reins) is power. It also takes a tremendous amount of work and commitment. Its much easier to tell people what to do, but to be open to hear what others have to contribute is powerful and also much more exciting, passionate, and creative.

Sometimes working with others can be our greatest teacher, we have to be willing to see ourselves in others, to be open to receive that which might be hard to swallow and at the same time carry the vision. But when we do open the doors, so much comes in. Life is an on going work in progress, when we can stay committed to change, the change is inevitable. Nothing is without purpose, no one is without worth, open your hearts, open your minds and become a leader in the new world of social change.

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