The idea behind the conference is to create community, to come together as a collective and raise the conscious energy on all levels, the conference is not only a space to gather, but also to have the experience of change. To have the opportunity to step in as a group to be a game changer, to understand truly what it means to be a global citizen, to really reap the benefits of what it is to be of service. This is a first for Omega and I must mention very excited to be at the foundation of this conference, to use the gathering as this opportunity to raise a school. To witness not only the inspiration of others, but to be the inspiration for others, inspiring each other to be the change you want to see in the world.

The Esperanza School really found us, it was such a beautiful organic formation, there was no resistance, and everything has just flowed. This is truly magic, the ability to step out of the way, so that when we can receive is also the message of the conference, lets allow the unsticking of the residual stuff that keeps us from our highest purpose. To quote Chip Conley, founder of AirBnB, “its time to come from the mountain to the marketplace” how do we begin to integrate these incredible spiritual teachings and integrate them into real world format, its not about sitting in a cave, its about getting onto the streets, we can no longer just go to our yoga class and be concerned about how good we look in our asana, its about getting off the mat and changing the world, God bless Sean Corne and the amazing work she has done with this concept of service.

It’s kind of time to be as present as you can, so that you can receive the downloads of life, our intention at the BeThe.Vision gathering is to expose people to the opportunities of how to be that evolutionary visionary, setting the intentions, gathering the tools, opening the heart, and jumping in to the game of life with both feet, recognizing the other person is you, and that if you don’t find god in all, you don’t find god at all, quotes of Yogi Bhajan.

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